Butter Paper for Drawing and Tracing on Aari work Maggam Work Hand Embroidery

  • on September 25, 2021
Butter Paper for Drawing Tracing on Aari work

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White Butter Paper for Drawing Tracing on Aari work
White Butter Paper for Drawing Tracing on Aari work

butter paper

butter paper : this is very important for Aari work people it should be used for transferring designs from main paper to cloth

It is used to draw design tracking mode on fabric,

The perforated design paper is placed on the cloth and coated with a mixture of oil and lime.

Thus the design is obtained by coating on the lime cloth through the hole in the paper

Tracing Pencil or Glass Marking Pencil

Tracing Pencil is used to draw symbols on sewing fabric,  This is especially necessary for tailors, aari workers, and fabric workers

Piece of Tracing Pencil available at different colors

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue

This pencil is smooth to draw, but does not use graphite,

This pencil is not useful for drawing or coloring on paper,

This pencil is useful for writing on glasses and writing on leather

13.Carbon Paper

  • Carbon Paper is a little needed material for aari work
  • With this paper you can draw the desired designs beautifully on the fabric
  • This paper can use draw the same designs like original on the clot
  • When you put carbon paper on the fabric and draw the designs, at that time the carbon paper will move a little and spoil the designs
  • Carbon Paper is available in many colors in the market

Yellow colour carbon paper

White colour carbon paper

  • Everyone knows how to use carbon paper, as well as put it on fabric and draw a picture
  • Be a little careful not to move the fabric and paper when you draw, so moving will affect the drawing in different places.

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