Measuring Tape Using Hand Embroidery Aari Work and Maggam Work

  • on September 24, 2021
Measuring Tape for Aari Work Designing

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Measuring Tape for Aari Work Designing
Measuring Tape for Aari Work Designing

measuring tape

Essential material for measuring tape, tailor, ari embroidery work and planners

Accurate dimensions are measured using measuring tape

It is available in many colors in the market area

This is very easy to use

There are many sizes on a measuring tape






Its dimensions are very accurate

Things to look out for when buying a new measuring tapes

 It is best to buy a measuring tapes that is flexible

This type of measuring tapes is washable

Material used to make measuring tape Non tearable & Non-stretchable PVC

 The correct size of widely used measuring tapes

Graduation: 1 mm.

• Material – PVC


Length-150cm or one and  half meters

Thread cutter

Thread cutter, aari work and tailors must keep the important material. Everyone knows how to use a thread cutter, It is used to cut fabrics, cut threads, cut paper, and cut certain materials.

These mean very easily available in the market area

Scissors are available in many colors, many shapes, and many sizes

Metal used to make


Its gloves are made of different metals, for example




Wood and many more

If the edges lose their sharpness, they can be sharpened again

Thread cutter is very easy to use, but requires a lot of attention

Because it is sharp it can easily cut our body

These types of objects should be hidden where children

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