Aari Work Stand How to Buy Beginner Tips

  • on September 21, 2021
How to Buy Aari Work Stand for Beginner Tips

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How to Buy Aari Work Stand for Beginner Tips
Aari Work Stand / Maggam Work Stand

The most important requirement for Aari to work is the Aari stand or Aari cot, in aari stand have aari frame, the frame are used for place the cloth tied and tightly, aari stand and aari frame this both must need for aari work,  in that material, If something is not, then aari workers will not have comfortable work on the mind and place. 

  •  The aari stand is 16 ‘inches in circular shape,
  •  It has four legs of the same size and the size of those four legs is 12 ‘inches,
  • The four legs have a screw at the top end,  This are can attach to the 16 ‘inch round frame,
  • aari stand an iron / wooden.

  Aari Stand Different names

  • Aari Work Stand,
  • Aari Embroidery Frame Stand,
  • Maggam Work Stand,
  • Tambour Stand & Wooden Hoop,
  • Embroidery Frame Stand 16″ Inches

Aari Work Frame

  • Aari Frame (Aari Work Frame) how to buy new
  • Frame is very important in aari work
  • It will pull the fabric tight
  • Only if the fabric is tight will it be comfortable to sew
  • The edge of the frame is screw-shaped to hold the cloth properly. Its called (Wooden Hoop)
  • There are many sizes on the market.

Round frame 18 inch

Round frame 16 inch

Round frame 12 inch

Round frame 10’inch

  • ·Aari Frame is a wood
  • ·Wooden Hoop Ring for embroidery work
  • Used For Hand & Machine Embroidery
  • ·the material is breakable
  • ·The frame is not broken by twisting the fabric or thread into the frame
  • ·The thread wraps around the frame because the fabric does not tear when pulled tightly

Different names

  • ·Aari Work Frame,
  • ·Aari Embroidery Frame,
  • ·Maggam Work Frame,
  • ·Tambour Frame
  • ·Wooden Hoop,
  • ·Embroidery Frame

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