Antique Gold Beads for Aari Embroidery Work and Maggam Work

  • on September 24, 2021
Antique and Gold Beads for Aari Work

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Antique and Gold Beads for Aari Work
Antique and Gold Beads for Aari Work

Antique beads

  • Antique beads are mostly used for aari work
  • It is also used to make cosmetics, for example, bracelets, rings, bands, and blouses
  • There are many types of antic beads
  1. Antique Bead
  2. Antique Brass Beads
  3. Antique Pearl Beads
  4. Antique Gold Plastic Beads
  5. Antique Gold Plastic Wheat Beads
  6. Antique golden floral Beads
  7. Antique engraved beads
  • These Antic beads are available in many shapes and colors in the market area
  • Designers often use gold antic beads
  • These types of beads are sewn together with Beads needles
  • Antic bead size
  1. Small Antic beads 2 mm
  2. Medium Antic beads 3 mm
  3. Large Antic beads 4 mm
  • When storing antic beads care should be taken to avoid air and heat, Because it changes color easily

How to handle a blouse

Fabrics are very basic in working with Ari

Designs can be made on fabric

So make sure the fabric is right

Fabric is damaged by designers in three ways

The fast pull will damage the fabric when fitting the aari frame, so patience is required

When the wrong seam is corrected, the fabric will be damaged

When removing improperly glued stones or cosmetics, the fabric will be damaged

Do not give the fabric a chance to damage, handle it very carefully.

So be sure to know how to handle the fabric

he perfect time to do aari work

There are perfect times to do aariwork,

The work will be correct if done at that particular time

perfect time for aari work

At a time when sunlight is high

7 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

In sunlight, work until the thread is well visible to the eyes

You can work indoors or in a private room with a lot of light

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